Contemplations of Solar Fest

I finally have found a topic that I don’t think I will mind working with for the rest of the month, and it has a clear connection to art and democracy.  It is not-too-depressing, and substantial enough to work with.  Actually, it has many angles that I can take making the task seem simpler and more daunting all at once.  So of course I wrote a list- where else would you start?  The most important points looked something like this;

  • Solar powered music
  • Local bands
  • Divestment
  • Clothing swap
  • Green bikes parade
  • Environmental Speakers
  • Pipeline
  • Keene State College vs. Originating location

These terms lead to my “key terms,” which are education, awareness, and sustainability.  I am still trying to locate the names and topics of the last years key note speakers, but unfortunately they are not well documented anywhere online.  I am waiting to hear back from the campus ecology organization itself.  Divestment and the pipeline are subjects I know little about, and am beginning the researching stages for.  The clothing swap, as well as its importance with overproduction will also be an interesting topic to cover.  Each has a strong political tie, and documenting the place that each has as well as what our government is currently doing will challenging.

Of course the origins of solar fest are an important part of the discussion.  Beginning in 1995, the event spread to several campuses and still occurs as a three day weekend event.  The message this event brings is powerful, and it brings people together in a unique way.  So with this my thoughts are moving forward.  Research on these environmental issues will be included in my next post!


Author: srobeardemocracy

Welcome! I am an Elementary Education and American Studies major at Keene State College. I believe that the two majors complement each other nicely as American Studies broadens perspectives, teaches history, and enhances reading and writing skills- all important in the classroom. I love the wonder and amazement found in young students and am looking forward to contributing to the development of their lives. Although I can't wait to be in the classroom full time, traveling first is high priority. Ideally, I will attain a masters degree in California (or just move out there for the heck of it).

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