Solar Fest Quotes and Starting Resources


“We work hard to make SolarFest an event of arts and entertainment, but at its core it is a time for environmental advocacy.” –President of Campus Ecology

“Solar Fest is an annual, FREE solar powered music festival promoting sustainable habits and environmental education, bringing people together for good music and times.” –

Another thing they did to draw students’ attention to sustainability, Asher said, was to display all the recycled water bottles they collected over the course of one weekend

Olson also shared why he believes Solar Fest is so important.

He said that Solar Fest “demonstrates how the things we do for fun, like listening to live music, can be done in a sustainable manner, by using solar energy. He also said “It is also a way to bring the community together both in and outside of the institution and shows how we can be responsible in what we purchase, like having fair trade vendors and all that good stuff.”

 She added, “The concert also brings in a crowd so we can educate people to buy local and learn about living more sustainably.”

Doherty-Dilworth said he would also agree on the importance of Solar Fest.

He said that an aspect of Solar Fest he has always appreciated is that it “spreads new thinking and promotes important things people might not think about everyday.”

“Since 1995, SolarFest connects people, the arts, ideas and technology, fostering partnerships and activism to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future.” –



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