Title? Still thinking…

Abstract: Solar Fest is an event dedicated to environmental advocacy that attracts a crowd to see live bands- playing through solar power.  The event is designed to send a message, and does so through speakers, displays, and tables set up by different organizations.  The event sends a political message which I have tried to capture while explaining the methods undertaken to make this successful.  By breaking down what each item is as well as its purpose, it is possible to understand the event as a whole.

Purpose Statement: To learn how Keene State College has worked to promote student beliefs of environmentalism through the event of Solar Fest.


Author: srobeardemocracy

Welcome! I am an Elementary Education and American Studies major at Keene State College. I believe that the two majors complement each other nicely as American Studies broadens perspectives, teaches history, and enhances reading and writing skills- all important in the classroom. I love the wonder and amazement found in young students and am looking forward to contributing to the development of their lives. Although I can't wait to be in the classroom full time, traveling first is high priority. Ideally, I will attain a masters degree in California (or just move out there for the heck of it).

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